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Love for animals, the way of life in close connection to nature have accompanied me since when I was a little girl.

Ever since I remember, I have always been in the company of furry quadrupeds. Growing up, grew the love, desire, and longing for a canine pet for which I would be responsible in all situations: beautiful, happy as well as serious and sad. One must take responsibility for and commitment to every situation.

And so, the joy and love for dogs and, above all, responsibility led me to the realization of my greatest wish in life: to have my own breeding kennel. The culprit was my first dog Luri, a Jack Russell Terrier. She made it happen and here I am – at the beginning, with my two naughty terriers Gina and Hope. The goal of my breeding is primarily to preserve the breed in all its beauties, to preserve all the characteristics and to breed healthy puppies that will carry the name of the breed and the kennel far and wide. Registering a breeding kennel has not been an easy decision, taking on all the responsibilities and consequences that can follow.

At this point, I must give my special thanks to the breeders of my puppies, Deborah Calabretto and Davide Bellegotti from the D&D Jack Russel Terrier kennel, from the beautiful Tuscany. They have given me a lot of knowledge, support and encouragement. Their advice, many years of breeding experience, reliability and excellent knowledge of the breed led us to a wonderful friendship and mutual cooperation.

I thank also my friend Uroš Klemenc from the kennel Ur`s Vesper Jack Russell Terrier, who has also been a great help and support. He enriches my canine world with his selfless advice and his knowledge. I am proud to have such a wonderful friend and caring breeder and I believe that our story in breeding such a magnificent breed will intertwine and complement each other.

We maintain and strengthen the cooperation with both breeders, because only with joint efforts, knowledge and availability can we breed healthy, breed-specific little pranksters.

Finally, thanks also go to my family, husband Aleš and daughters Žana and Živa, who encourage me and help me with new life challenges. A lot of sacrifice, adjustment and cooperation is needed to adapt to the daily life situation; in this way we strengthen the good family relationships that arise between us and our four-legged friends. I am especially proud of Živa, who actively participates in the upbringing and care of puppies, and regularly attends trainings at the dog school.

Agapito Hogidus

It took a long time to find a name for the kennel: a name that will express my personality, the mission I take on, uniqueness and recognizability. I opted for a combination of the last name and derivatives of my best mentors.

AGAPITO – last name

HOGIDUS – HOpeGInaDavideDeborahUrškaS

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