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We are proud to present our first litter.


Mom Hope made us happy with 5 healthy puppies.


Before leaving for their new homes all puppies will be:

  • checked up by a vet
  • dewormed
  • vaccinated (first vaccination according to the programme, the following vaccinations are performed by the new owner)
  • microchipped
  • they will receive a passport
  • they will receive a pedigree certificate

A healthy mum and a happy puppy

The litters are carefully planned in our breeding kennel. When choosing a mating combination, our priorities are health predispositions of both males and females and the appropriate combination that comes closer to the standard of the breed.
Our dogs have undergone genetic tests (eye examination, patella…), which exclude the possibility of transmitting genetic defects to offspring.

We pay extra attention to a pregnant bitch as the time of pregnancy is particularly important to us: a balanced diet, very important during gestation, is taken care of. We adjust the daily movement to the bitch’s condition and take care of her general well-being .
All puppies are born at home under strict supervision. In the first weeks of life we focus mainly on the care and nursing of the mother and vigilantly observe the progress and development of the puppies. We collaborate very well with a veterinarian who selflessly comes to our aid in any situation. That is why I would like to thank Marko Trobec from the Koper Veterinary Clinic.

Mom and pups live in our apartment. In that way we make sure they get used to all sounds, situations, people, other dogs… in short we impart the primary socialization and appropriate early upbringing. The departure of a puppy to a new home is planned after his 9th week of age. The stay can be extended according to the new owner’s wishes.

We also offer dog sitting to all our pups’ owners. We expect the effort, time and love we put into each litter to be paid off with caring new owners who will offer the puppy a safe and wonderful home. We want to maintain genuine contact and help them with our advice and experience in raising a new family member.
We are also ready to participate in the further breeding of the dog in the form of co-ownership or other agreement.

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